Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING - Personal one-on-one training makes working out easier because it is all about you. As your personal fitness trainer I will work with you to develop a personal fitness plan that is designed to help you meet your personal goals! 

MOTIVATION - A exercise instructor will motivate you to accomplish each step of your personal fitness plan. Developing a thorough customized plan and sticking to it will help you attain your goals. I will support and motivate you through ALL of your challenges.

NUTRITION - Good nutrition must become a part of your lifestyle. As your personal fitness trainer I will provide you with realistic support and advice about nutrition, based on your goals.

ACCOUNTABITITY - First and foremost, you must be accountable to yourself. Hard work and dedication will help you become the healthiest person you can be. Having an experienced personal fitness trainer to guide you will help you ensure that you remain accountable both to yourself and to your personal fitness trainer.

The CORE4 will be the key to make you 4everfit

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You can email any questions to us at jeanine@4everfitpersonaltraining.com
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